The gold price over the last decade – Full Review

The price of gold continues to surprise us again and again during the last decade, with sharp
increases and sometimes surprising downward trends. This is without any doubt one of the
most successful decades from the perspective of many investors who were looking for gold
sale, by providing a host of opportunities for investment in metal. In this article, a representative
completes an overview about the price of gold over the last decade, presenting the major events
influencing the value.

gold price
Gold price from 2003 to 2011

The beginning of the new millennium without any doubt was considered the turning point when it
comes to the average rate of the gold price we are used to now. Accordingly, the cost of which
ranges between 200 and 300 dollars for one ounce of gold, the gold price in 2011 reached a
record rate, close to 2000 dollars an ounce. This is actually steep especially when calculating
the value of the price of a gram of gold, mainly due to the current deterioration of the economic
situation around the world. Additionally, this led naturally to the flow of many investors to the
gold market.

Gold between 2012 and 2013

After the sharp increase was felt in the value of the gold price in most years of the current
decade, the past two years represent a mixed review. Along with sharp rises felt over the past
two years there were also declines in gold price, especially lately. As a result, the past two years
created a market which is characterized by instability, and put off investors.

Gold price over the next decade

Unsteady vibrations have been felt recently in the price of gold, making it difficult to assess the
value. Despite this, the economic situation around the world is going to be crucial regarding the
high price of gold, when the recovery seen at the moment does not indicate what will happen in
the course of years. There is a vague condition for any potential investors in gold and the
coming years will tell only if it is a worthwhile investment as it was in the last decade.
The average gold price over the last decade is a sign that this is in fact the correct execution of
transactions when buying gold from the perspective of investors, many of whom enjoyed high
yields. Even the next decade seems interesting with respect to the price of gold. However, it
seems that the world of gold trading will continue to attract a particularly large number of new
investors so do not be afraid of the picture that is unclear at the moment.

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