About Diamond Center - Trading Experts.

The company specializes in trading gold, diamonds and silverware. We buy goods of every kind and quantity, and there is no item that we did not encounter from gold coins from 400 years ago to the most modern item. As part of our services, We enable our customers to receive pawn loans for  gold, diamonds and silverware with the best conditions. With time as part of our activity with diamonds, we have expanded our field of activitys, and today we also provide services to the private sector. Another service we provide is the purchase of gold as an investment, gold in the form of bullion or gold coins as a substitute for an appropriate investment in an economically unstable world that you can not know what will be the value of that paper we call money.

Why Us?

Best prices in the market

As leaders in the field of old metals trading in Israel we have the ability to give the customer the best price from all our competitors and this comes to the customer advantage.

Personal and professional

Fifty years of credibility at the diamond exchange market and we have only satisfied customers and we mean to keep it that way.


The meetings are held in our offices at the Diamond Exchange complex in Ramat Gan, with discretion and absolute confidence. Furthermore, we will be happy to be at your service for appraisal services at no cost.

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