Selling Gold coins Is Worth Money

Selling Gold Coins Is Worth A Lot Of Money

All over the world people keep gold coins in hidden corners of their homes. Many years ago,
such coins were sometimes accepted as a gift, coins received as a gift, part of the dowry or
inheritance. A common mistake is to think that because these coins are small, they are not
valuable and people don’t use them. However, you can actually get a lot of money when
selling gold coins, and then use the money for any purpose .

Selling gold coins in Israel

While in the rest of the world, the selling of gold coins for cash is already commonplace,
people can receive instant cash without any effort, in Israel the field has only gained
momentum in recent years. While companies authorized to sell old gold and diamonds have
existed in the country for many years, only recently the general public has begun to realize
that gold has no use completely wasted in a drawer or safe, and worse – is exposed to a
high risk of theft.

Make sure your gold is valuable

Not every gold coin you received as a gift or inheritance is worth a lot of money. The fact
that this is what your grandmother told you does not mean that it is gold of high purity
(measured in carat units), and perhaps it is not even gold at all. Take note that the law in
Israel states that a piece of jewelry or a gold coin with a purity of less than 9 carats does not
meet the definition of gold according to the law. Collect all your gold and check as much
information as you can before ordering a professional valuation.

Small coins are worth a lot

However, if your coin is made of pure gold (24 carats) it is probably worth several times the
value imprinted on it. There are currently gold coins in Israel valued at tens or hundreds of
dollars. Even less rare coins may be worth a lot of money. People say that amounts they
have earned from selling gold coins or selling diamonds have helped them a lot in their once
off, non-routine expenses and because of this, they did not have to break savings plans at
the bank.

Who buys the gold?

The selling of old gold and diamonds can be done at the Diamond Exchange in Ramat Gan
or in jewelry and gold stores near your home. Goldsmiths and jewelers who work
independently will also be buying the old gold that you have at high prices and therefore it is
recommended to examine the above option as well.


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