Ounce: Measurement unit troy ounce of gold is 31.1035 grams.
Eagle: This is an American gold coin with eagle drawing embedded on it.
Token: Used to embed a signal or a particular brand with a coin or gold bullion.
Gold dust: small gold chunks usually be found in workshops such as government and inlay jewelry, scraps of gold.
Acid test: gold testing and its purity level by nitric acid and salt water.
Buffalo: U.S. gold coin issued beginning in 2006 and is weighing one ounce with a purity level of 999.9 and is the only American gold coin of 24 carat purity.
Insurance against crises price comes up in times of crisis processes such as economic crises security emit and social person holding gold in times of crisis, with security a lot bigger than people with all their money in a bank or stock any because his money is protected much more tangible asset is much more that since the price will rise;
Gold base: The number of countries committed themselves to put their currency rate a certain amount of gold, this system formally existed from 1834 to 1971 but with brief intermissions during times of global crisis or war, in the last century most major countries joined the gold base, there are three types of base Classic Silver Standard and Bretton Woods.
Bullion: Lbolion has several meanings one is the amount of gold in its raw form without having undergone a process of stamping or casting any act of man, the second interpretation of the Bullion is gold with a shape of a bar of gold, a third is a coin with the features of Bouillon.
Bretton Woods: the number of rules and procedures for the management of financial systems worldwide operated between 1946 and 1971 and is one of the bases that exist under this method states regular duties of their dollars in the U.S., this method has undertaken to pay the maintenance of dollars of other central banks and swap them for gold, fixed rate, United States “In what was a financial deficit had reduced its gold reserves gradually and abused the trust of the United States that it can redeem its currency in gold.
Barak: a new mode exchange as straight after the offering.
Gold Eagle: U.S. gold coin features a golden eagle.
Gold Bug: This term refers to a person who has the gold mania and invests all his money in gold is not getting the economic system and the concept of gold really only a valuable piece of paper and print it.
Gold nugget: Most are of gold in its raw form and flow of river water have shaped the form because gold is a soft lump at the time it refers to Bullion coin issued by Australia.

Grain: the existence of troy weight unit used when it comes to gold in the past have used an ancient unit of weight called the grain and weight it was like a grain of wheat to compare troy ounce is 480 grain.
Back: it is on the back of the coin most of the coins he’d find a royal symbol.
Model: Embedding the first time the coin to view it first kind of experiment to experiment did not always use gold and other metals can be used.
Bear: a decrease in the word “Bear” is a nickname for this situation.
Portrait: The image is the face of a gold coin.
Rating: Currency estimated Afi several criteria including quality of embedding grinding Barack etc, the rating count Afi scale ratings is set, ranking starts with 70 and ranking it receives only a gold coin in good condition and finished in third at their worst currency in gold so much that we almost can not identify him.
Degree of purity of gold is measured by levels of purity and purity is measured in parts of 1.000 for example a gold bar of 995 contains 995 pieces of gold and five parts of other metals, in the past it was a level of purity maximum you can get to it but now with the technology can reach levels of purity of gold 999.999.
Double Eagle: U.S. gold coin with a picture of an eagle.
Legal tender: note paper or coin declared by the government as a means of payment and must be received for repayment of debts or for goods or services, gold and silver were once used as a means of trade and payment, many merchants would not accept paper money and wanted money, gold or precious metal, other currencies legal process is the presence of gold coins that do not have customs or VAT. All Gold Coins Modern Bullion gold coins are legal tender status, what makes them so popular.
Edge: The side of the coin that can be milled with a caption or part.
Embedding back: This happens when re-embed coins issued in the past to renew them and it is intended to renew the old currencies rather than new manufacture these operations are carried out with an old ballet alloy with the same date and size and the government decides it will issue some years back.
Quantitative easing: this state is done by central banks, their main goal is to increase the amount of money in the economy as money is reserves plus Hmb”tz, this policy reduce the fights as close to zero as the total printing and acquire financial assets like bonds or bonds of countries “The sea of ​​quantitative word refers to companies to increase the money supply and the word relief is to reduce the pressure from the banks should provide the money.
Gold loan: financing through the hands of a gold loan from the bank and selling it in order to increase these activities often are invited to become a gold mining finance, the loan is returned to a predefined time and interest on the loan is returned in gold or currency.

Account is not assigned: an account which a customer places the bars the bank but are not reserved specifically for him but are part of the total inventory of gold in the bank, the Bank accompanied by gold and therefore the client is not protected from risk of a third party in cases of bankruptcy of the bank in times of crisis economic.
Unallocated account: This account type physically separated gold vault and another gold in the event of bankruptcy, the lender is insured.
Half Eagle: U.S. gold coin with his face half eagle its face value is five dollars and was issued in 1795 to 1929 and contains 0.24187 troy ounce gold coin there is two types of Indian designs and Lady Liberty.
Purity: Most gold jewelry and other metals mixed in when you’re talking purity of gold is gold in relation to the other metals in coin with 100 percent gold is the purity of 24 carats.
Declared money: money making legal process by virtue of a government decision and is not backed precious metals like gold or silver holding all the existing currencies are declared equal to the base money money money equal to base current plus BZ.
Address: Address word speaks of the inscription on a gold coin.
Mint is excellent: these gold coins are at levels between 67 to 70 and those gold coins in near perfect with only minor marks and lightning.
Polishing Stan: Type of Finish of polishing and polishing this coin gold coins are special processing that gives the appearance of gold coins silk.
Mint: a concept known gold coin an entirely new situation that is not used.
Ballet: a metal device used to embed and design of gold coins.
Asking Price: Asking price is what someone who sells gold asking for his gold.
Price required: When you offer a specific price to sell gold.
Coin: a legal tender coins or medals issued and usually gold.
Currency Bullion: a feature of Bouillon and the key determinant of the rate is pure gold of a gold coin, gold coins, Bullion months are issued by central banks and also gold coins, government, the main purpose of these coins is an investment in gold and some gold coins issued in time for trade currently are Bouillon and their price and close to the weight of gold used to buy gold and investing in it.
Currency Nomismati: gold coin whose value depends on how his situation is rare and the date in a sign of drowning than his weight in gold.
Currency reserves: Central bank gold coin which he holds a gold coin of other countries, these reserves are held in foreign currency of countries whose currency is relatively stable currency like the Japanese yen and can be used as trading instruments can be used to finance and close the trade accounts.
Nature: where manufacture and make the rings in gold coins and gold bars.
Bar: a bar of gold is the amount of gold in the level of purity to 999 whose goal is trade or investment purity of imposing unacceptable parts of the world levels of purity of different and there are two types of cast ingot stamped and cast cast, the ingot cast do when pouring the gold boiled into a form Bullion market that weigh a lot and are used for trade and stamped gold ingot formed by cutting chips from a flat gold and embedding properties of gold bullion bars usually those with a lower weight in gold bullion cast.
Price in: gold price given moment and the deal immediately, the gold market takes place is held up to two days as a summary of the transaction, trading in gold comes from going 24 hours later in East Asia is trading in Europe and America ends and the reason why price instead of changing all the time.
Standard delivery casts: casts of this type should be the gold standard of the London Stock Exchange, this standard specifies the characteristics of the resulting ingot casting who trade in a standard that can not be traded on gold in London, standardize requires ingot weighing 350 to 430 ounces of 995 degree of purity. In addition to the gold stock requires the bar will be maintained by an accredited institution.
Delivery: The transfer of certain amount of gold its gold buyer.
Issue Mint condition – this description describes higher levels on a scale rating 60-70 gold coins are actually almost in a state of issuance and a prominent feature of such coins are in circulation but were not saved right after drowned and once in a while moved from one place to another, he has no signs of wear and use all his brilliance and quality of the most constant, that determines the ranking number.
20 marks: German gold coin his gold weight is 0.2305 and 7.1685 and is considering his 900th avenue design purity of a uniform back side and his interior design varies from country to country and often with a portrait of the ruler.
Actual gold weight: the weight of gold or currency imposes contains gross weight unlike other metals, for example in addition to gold American eagle gold coin containing gold troy ounce of its total weight is 1.0909 troy ounce.
Secondary weight: modern coins issued weights of about half an ounce ounce ounce and quarter-ounce gold coins rich secondary weights with a smaller demand for investors and traders less want to deal with low weights because premium is not worth the price.
Margin: The difference between the rate required by one person familiar gold and the gold price gold buyer wants to pay.
Liquidity: The problem of free cash sell gold can be solved in cash.
Gold coin Sovereign: British gold coin has many nicknames gold coin gold coin George and Edward and gold coins is one of the most common Bullion his gold weight is 0.235 ounces and has a purity level of 917.
Maple leaf: Canadian gold coin with a purity level of 999.9 and there is a half-ounce weights of a quarter and one-tenth ounce gold coin that was very popular in the eighties.
Face value: The value of money rules embedded in the gold coin, what works prices have not been determined at par but by the weight of gold gold coin contains, for example an eagle gold weighing an ounce is fifty dollars but its price will under price ounce of gold and the premium of a collector.
Market Maker: a large financial company quotes the prices of gold buying and selling gold, the company has a stock of gold and is ready to buy and sell large quantities of gold at any time and thus affect the gold price has strength in determining the price of gold.
Gold reserves: This is the gold held by the Central Bank as part of a barrage of state reserves holding countries on average ten percent of their reserves in gold and there are some differences between countries, for example all the gold reserves in Europe comes to sixty percent if not more, and gold reserves in developing countries is a few percent.
Face: facial expression speaks of gold coin usually appears in a figure.
Peso: Mexican gold coin there is a lot of values ​​of an ounce of gold weight of these coins range from 1.2057 to 0.0482 an ounce to an ounce of these coins in the 50 peso is the most common additional name is Yuval by years issued in honor of 100 years of independence to Mexico its purity level is 900.

Premium: This is the percentage of the price of currency paid plus the value of true weight of the gold premium is paid mostly by collectors or investors who believe that gold is going to cost much more than the premium they do not care to spend more money and make more money then, rare gold pieces are premiums bigger.
Frank: official gold coin of France, Switzerland, Belgium and other European countries usually Franc gold coin face value of twenty-franc gold coins are used a lot of European traders and they have the same features of the degree of purity of 916.7 and a gold weight of 0.1867 troy ounce.
Panda: Chinese gold coin inside his cartoon panda with a form variable for every year of his purity Avenue is 999 and he is half-ounce sizes and rich quarter.
Gold Color: different combination is combined with metals gold gold create different colors for example money gives greenish and reddish copper nickel gives white gold.
Fixed rate constant: it is the price of an ounce troy of a gold price of an ounce is determined twice daily in London Stock Exchange Gold by representatives of the five largest companies in the world gold balance is familiar with was made by buyers and sellers and changes to the amount of gold for sale and the amount of gold you buy compare, the price that was achieved The tradeoff is that the fixed price set for the day.
Kangaroo: an Australian gold coin with a purity level of 999.9 is half the size of a quarter of a tenth of an ounce
Krogrnd: African gold coin has a purity of 22 karat gold coin market is a sign the U.S. Coins Hbolion until the eighties.
Carat: feature and distinguishes between dimensions of the gold purity pure gold is 24 carats and is 999.99.
Corona: Austrian gold coin with a face value of 20 and 100 Corona Corona with a gold weight of 0.1960 troy ounce.
Quarter eagle: U.S. gold coin with face value of two dollars and a half of his gold weight is 0.121 an ounce, and it exists in two Indian designs and head of Liberty.
Taurus: Gold term describes a situation of rising gold market and gold price.
Space: the flat part of the gold coin.
Hall mark: stamp on any kind of gold Shmayefnt the purity of gold in it.
Philharmonic orchestra: Austrian gold coin with a purity level of 999.9.

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