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stateNamestated valueGold Weightmade inPremium
Australiakangaroo gold coin100 dollars1.000020106-8
Australiakangaroo gold coin50 dollars0.5000201010-12
Australiakangaroo gold coin25 dollars0.2500201012-15
Australiakangaroo gold coin15 dollars0.1000201020-25
Australiakangaroo gold coin5 dollars0.0500201030-35
China.panda gold coin100 Yuan1.000020106-8
China.panda gold coin50 Yuan0.5000201010-12
China.panda gold coin25 Yuan0.2500201012-15
China.panda gold coin10 Yuan0.1000201013-17
Austriaducat gold coin4 ducat0.4430191510-12
Austriaducat gold coin1 pinch0.1107191512-15
Austriathe orchestra100 euros1.000020104-5
Austriathe orchestra50 euros0.500020108-10
Austriathe orchestra25 euros0.2500201010-12
Austriathe orchestra10 euros0.1000201013-15
Austriacorona gold coin100 euros0.980219152-3
Italygold coin pound20 pound0.1867rush7-10
Netherlandsgold coin golden10 golden0.194719337-10
Mexicosantanario gold coin50 Paso1.205719472-3
Mexicoaztaka gold coin20 Paso0.482319593-5
Mexicohidalgo gold coin10 Paso0.241119597-10
Mexicohidalgo gold coin5 Paso0.1205195512-15
Mexicohidalgo gold coin2.5 Paso0.0602194518-20
Mexicohidalgo gold coin2 Paso0.0482194520.25
South Africakrugerrand gold coin1.000020104-5
South Africakrugerrand gold coin0.500020108-10
South Africakrugerrand gold coin0.2500201010-12
South Africakrugerrand gold coin0.1000201014-17
Germanymark gold coin20 mark0.2305191510-15
BritainSovereign gold coin0.2354world7-10
BelgiumFrank gold coin20 Frank0.186718827-10
The United Statesprime Native American10 dollars0.483830
The United Statesprime Native American5 dollars0.241930
The United Statesgold coin buffalo50 dollars1.000020106-8
The United Statesliberty  Prime Minister20 dollars0.9675190725-30
The United Statesgold coin prime liberty10 dollars0.4838190725-30
The United Statesgold coin prime liberty5 dollars0.2419190720-30
The United Statesgold coin50 dollars1.000020106-8
The United Statesgold coin25 dollars0.5000201012-15
The United Statesgold coin10 dollars0.2500201015-17
The United Statesgold coin5 dollars0.1000201020-25
The United Statesgold coin Saint Godnes20 dollars0.9675193325-30


*Details on all the most popular Bullion coins in the world. Nominal value, the gold price and ounce, and premium offering.


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