Selling Diamonds

Selling Diamonds – Can I do it myself ?

Do you have jewelry in the closet you aren’t using? We all find ourselves looking for a place to
store the watches and diamond studded chains and we run out of boxes. Just as we like new
things, we do not know what to do with these old items and we are looking for another solution.
Well, instead of storing them, try to benefit from them and sell them. Some ask how to do it,
because we do not have a business. Conveniently, there are companies who will be happy to
help you and buy the diamonds you have.

Which companies are buying diamonds?

Many companies are trading in diamonds. Through them, you can pawn or sell your diamond
embedded in various jewelry and watches and get that cash at the moment the transaction
takes place . Alternatively you can go to second hand stores or sell them to some designers, but
it is a big hassle and you get more than an amount that is measured by the value of diamonds.
In almost every city you can find a number of companies to sell the diamonds to, we suggest
you search the Internet or ask for recommendations from friends who have done so.

Diamonds Are Forever – Really?

It seems that the phrase ” Diamonds Are Forever ” will be a household phrase for years, but is it
correct? Although the value of the diamond is among the highest in the market, a diamond like
everything loses its value as time passes. The most common mistake is to think that you should
keep them as an asset for the future, to be honest, the sale of diamonds is actually
recommended as soon as possible when it comes to unused diamonds.

How do I know how much my diamond is worth?

Prior to selling diamonds you are advised to check the value with company representatives of a
diamond buyer. Examining and testing will be conducted prior to the sale of all diamonds to offer
you a final price for the sale. You can of course also do this externally or check online websites
who deal in diamonds where you’ll find detailed information and calculators with precise
instructions. You can look at a few companies to check similar findings or to check where it is
worth more to sell your diamonds.

When should I not sell the diamonds?

If you’re still wearing the diamond necklace, or a diamond pendant or you receive a gift or
inherited diamonds, then you may regret it, since there is no return. We can not buy them back
as can be done only in the case of pawning – a process that actually fits this kind of situation
where it is necessary to source funds without saying goodbye to our dear diamond.

Selling without obligation

As opposed to taking a loan which has conditions and long-term liabilities, the method of
obtaining money for selling diamonds is without taxes and fees, without signing a contract and
without any obligation or restriction of time.

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