Sell Diamonds

Do you have old jewelry studded with diamonds that are in the drawer without manual and need cash? The center diamond buying all types of diamond highest prices and pay cash instead we buy diamonds, regardless of size or their color, look for jewel box of your old and look what You did not wear two or what was broken and unused and you had enough mind to repair old jewelry which can make cash just sitting in a drawer and wait for skewering him for other use, the center diamond buying rings bracelets, pins gold bars Earrings Necklaces Watches and diamonds, center diamond sells the stock market for over 50 years and has unsurpassed reliability in gold and diamonds, now you ask yourself a few are worth diamonds my And how much money I can get them so the questions you should ask yourself are those of the four important criteria for size, cleanliness, color, work as soon as you know this information about Diamond you will be much easier to know how much cash you can get for them and for that we are here Center diamonds will appreciate and will teach you the model items without cost or obligation, and of course you will also bid in place for the diamond and jewelry model if you want to receive cash instead.

An easier way to evaluate the diamond device is using gemological certificate of the Institute of Gemological certified and known as EGL and GIA certificates usually are purchasing diamond but if not there any problem with this and can appreciate the jewel in our offices on the stock exchange without a problem, of course, without cost or obligation, we believe customer service and reliability, without hesitation to create a circle of regular customers.
If the diamond you have checked now in a jewel like ring pendant, etc. And you’re afraid to remove him from the ring until you redeem it for cash, we make estimates and buy diamonds when the diamond is still in a jewel without a problem and we have the techniques necessary to evaluate diamonds and buying diamonds even when they are embedded in a diamond ring or other diamond jewelry.

The center diamond buying all types of diamonds in the amount of all colors and genders private clients who have exhausted the diamond jewelry in their possession for a price quote and evaluation diamond jewelry has come to our office who are the Israel Diamond Exchange in Ramat Gan, where diamonds pass all tests and evaluations that would suit needs to determine the value This test was done with the customer when he maintains eye contact with the diamond that he cherished every moment.

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