Maple Leaf gold coin

מטבע זהב עלה אדר
Gold coin maple leaf is one of Columbus Hbolion most popular and of gold coins that the level of their purity is 24 carat is the currency most popular gold coin maple leaf is a gold coin to modern secondary to gold coin Krogrand, the issuance of a gold coin maple leaf began in 1979 and the same year that began to issue gold coin maple leaf gold coin Krogrand sign in gold coins Bullion, to be competitive currency to gold Krogrand issued a gold coin maple leaf with a purity of 24 carat unlike most of gold coins struck off the purity of 22k This act was successful and a gold leaf citrus became the currency is very popular and within a few years his sales only rose up and moved at some point the gold coin Krogrand, a gold leaf splendor is the coin Bullion first purity of 24 carats and in fact was the coin of gold first of its kind when not mixed with any alloy, but only pure gold, gold coin maple leaf is intended only for investment and not recyclable and therefore did not need to mix with other metals to make it more difficult as they do with most of the gold coins Bullion, creating a gold coin of pure gold without the addition of various metals was power marketing is very strong because there is no need for understanding the most basic gold because it is pure gold, all made and made and from 1979 to 1982 the currency of the Royal Canada issued gold coins maple leaf with a purity of 999 and only in 1983 introduced the Canadian currency exchange degree of purity of 9999 and then became a gold maple leaf coin with a purity of gold tallest issued has always , the ring gold maple leaf level of purity that continues to this day and in 2007 issued gold purity of 99 999, levels of purity different from those of 5 4 or 3 nines does not change the price currency is still the same value but of course Have a preference and demand for market gold coins with a purity gold of the highest and due to this gold coins with the highest level of purity kind of a maple leaf will receive a premium greater than for the coin, the idea of ​​the degree of purity higher than gold and other constituent of a marketing standpoint and image than practical importance baffled by price and quality of the coin gold, gold maple leaf coin traded mostly lower premium than other Bullion gold coins like gold coin gold coin George Peso gold coin Frank, of all the coins gold coin Krogrand is the only one taking a lower premium than the maple leaf gold coin, the reason for the currency premiumgold maple leaf is that low is because the Canadian currency is trying to encourage the sale and distribution of the gold coin it so that it spreads the premium is low relative to other gold coins, coin gold maple leaf there are two types of designs on the inside of the gold coin there is a drawing with a maple leaf, until 1989 appears in the portrait of the Queen at the age of thirty-nine-year 1990 appears on the coin portrait of Queen at the age of sixty-four, a gold coin that is a national symbol of Canada and the maple leaf was given the status of gold only in 1965 that was approved to be national flag of Canada, there are several issues More of a maple leaf gold coin, including gold coins were a few special like a maple leaf maple leaf gold coin colorful, holographic and a coin with a face value of one million dollars, which weighs 100 kg.
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