Israeli Gold Coins

Israeli Gold Coins List:


Coins NameStated valueGold WeightPurityMade in
Gold coin unity of the peopleThousand pounds0.3472900.01978
Gold Coin David Ben GurionFive hundred pounds0.8251916.61974
Gold Coin Zeev JabotinskyFive hundred shekel0.5000900.01980
Gold Medal Israel Egypt peaceMedal0.8681900.01979
Independence Day gold coinTwo hundred0.7813900.01973
Independence Day gold coinHundred pounds0.3906900.01973
Independence Day gold coinFifty pounds0.2026900.01973
Jerusalem Gold CoinHundred pounds0.6430800.01968
Israel gold coin with a bookTen shekel0.5000900.01981
Medal Operation ThunderboltMedal0.8681900.01976
Independence and developmentFive hundred pounds0.5787900.01975
Winning gold coinHundred pounds0.7662916.61967
Rothschild gold coinTen shekel0.5000900.01982
Gold coin peaceHundred pounds0.6430800.01969
Gold coin peaceFive thousand pounds0.5000900.01980
Gold coin Let My People GoHundred pounds0.6483916.61971

Details on all the Bullion coins in Israel. Nominal value, the gold price and ounce, and premium offering.


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