selling gold

Gold purity (important if your selling gold):

Indicates the percentage of gold in units of carats of pure gold when set to 24 carats [One carat is equal to 4.1666%]

This pure form of gold is soft and supple it is not mixed with other metals. Other alloy metal that is sometimes mixed with gold include, copper, silver, zinc and nickel. The purity mark in fact marks the percentage of gold in the mixture. The amount of gold used is characterized by a number, a lower carat gold level means it is lower in relation to other metals used. Also effecting the gold price is purified gold which is higher and more expensive than gold per unit weight.


For example,

24  gold contains 999.9 milliseconds to almost 100% gold.

22  contains 916 milliseconds 90% gold.

21  contains roughly 875 milliseconds to 87% gold.

18 contains 750 milliseconds to about 75% gold.

14 contains 585 milliseconds to about 58% gold.

9 carats – contains 375 milliseconds 37% gold.

Golden color:

Three shades; yellow gold, white gold and red gold.


Gold is a chemical element with symbol Au and atomic number 79. It does not compare to the context of other materials and can be found in nature in its purest form. Away from creating jewellery, gold is also used in the technology industry and has a high electrical conductivity and corrosion resistance. Jewels and gold alloy are counted by Curt units, and balm trading is measured by ounce and unit of measurement for precious metals in particular, its weight 31.1034768 grams.

Humans sold Gold since antiquity and is perhaps the first metal used by them. There is some evidence for use in gold, the sons evidence from 2600 BC Egypt describes use of gold and more stories of different geographic regions, for this metal also writes a lot of writers and legends.

Gold was always considered a nice symbol of royal and noble wealth.

Until 1910, relatively little of the gold mined in the world exists.

In alchemy gold is of great importance. The goal of alchemy is the creation of gold and other elements, like lead. In many cultures, ancient gold was used as a symbol, priests would sculpt various characters and jewellery.

Gold throughout history and up until recently, was a refuge for people who feared the changes in world markets. This fear of losing the local currency value meant that they then invested their money in gold and knew it was a safe investment and they guarantee a return on their money.


Gold has a high specific weight of 19.32 grams per cubic centimetre, The gold can be melted at 1064.18 degrees Celsius. Gold softens with great ease blended with other materials. Thanks to this noble trait gold naturally has a glossy finish in almost all conditions.

Gold was found in the group of 11 elements, but it typically contains copper, silver, and nickel.


Gold features are unique to some industries, gold is used to make sight glass, and coating electrical contacts, in order to maintain its leading feature. There are a number of uses:

Gold has a big role in computer components and communication systems.

High resistance to corrosion of gold causes it to be useful coating other material substances.

Gold also has uses in nano-technology.

Gold also has a useful treatment for cancer and other diseases.

Production of teeth caps.

Raw material used to manufacture cups and metals of first place.

White gold can be used as a substitute for platinum and serve as a cheaper solution.

Production of gold jewellery.

Collectable gold coins used.

Gold bars and powders are used as materials for gourmet cooking.


Gold is usually found in nature and treated as an alloy or free form, usually as small grains. You can refine gold from the sea but the process is expensive and not profitable.

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