Gold For Cash – Make Gold Into Cash

Every few months dilemma arises – what to do with old gold jewelry? It is no longer used, thefamily was not excited about getting them as a gift, but certainly would not want to throw them away without any compensation.
So many are asking – how can we take advantage of the years we kept gold coins, or whether selling gold for cash is possible at a fair price?

Drawer, safe or money in hand?

Those of us who are considered less careful, keep the jewelry and old coins in hidden boxes or
a drawer out of sight in case of a burglary or theft of another kind.
Those who are more afraid give them to investors at considerable amounts to protect these

Solution – selling old gold for cash

Compared with those who insist on keeping old gold dusty in drawers or safes, the wise among
us have already realized the new rules – the most affordable option is selling old gold for cash.
In this way, making money in cash for their old gold. So they can use this money for large
purchases like a car or appliances, without breaking savings.

Who will buy me the gold?

Israel has a large number of experts and professional appraisers in gold and currencies. Some
are interested in gold jewelry as a raw material for producing it, and are willing to pay cash for
any amount of gold you want to give them. The value of gold the gold coin must be checked by
a professional, taking into account the purity of the gold (measured in carat) and it’s weight.
Because ultimately the gold gets melted, there will be those who will even buy broken jewelry
from you.

You do not have to leave home

It is important to sell your old gold to an experienced and reliable company, that provides a
quality service and is personal and courteous to customers. Such companies will often
coordinate the arrival of the appraiser to your home just to save you from unnecessary hassle
and to feel maximum reliability and security at the valuation, and enjoy selling old gold for cash
at a price that is appropriate.

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