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Company Profile

Diamond Center is a diamond and jewelry manufacturer which allows the customer to buy the diamond and jewelry directly from the manufacturer without brokerage fees directly in the Ramat Gan Diamond Exchange.
The company specializes in the diamond market. The diamond center diamond imports more raw stage sanding them for final output and thus deleted any brokerage commissions and here comes your profit client. As part of his services Diamond Center allows clients to buy diamonds directly from the manufacturer at wholesale, buying gold jewelry with diamonds, gemstones, etc. as well buy old gold and diamonds in order to design new collections of jewelry.
As part of preoccupation with diamond expanded area of work for jewelry in addition to diamonds, we are dealing with engagement rings and diamond rings mainly next to each other diamond jewelry more, another area deals mainly with which we are dealing is buying gold and selling gold at the price of gold the highest level and of course with that comes the sale of diamonds so if you have diamonds for sale it the best place to get to him because we Ministry diamond exchange, diamond center in addition to dealing with the field of gold coins so if you have gold coins for sale contact us and get the best quote.
The center diamond design custom jewelry according to customer's imagination process step by step illustration of computer design software model to casting and selection of diamond jewelry.
Why should you buy us?
The lowest market prices, personal attention and a pleasant, uncompromising professionalism, matching jewelry according to customer's budget, specials change frequently, changing collections, the sale of a single diamond directly from the manufacturer. We are sitting in the office compound in Ramat Gan Diamond Exchange, please contact us with any need.

Contact us at 050-900-6007 / 077-441-7808 or click here
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Gold For Cash
Diamond Center provides ounces of gold bullion and gold coins for investment, buying gold and investing in gold has proven itself as a best investment with only growing demand, we buy gold and sell gold to private customers who want to invest their money in gold or when they want to realize the investment and sell gold .
Pawn gold
Diamond Center provides data in changing gold prices and consulting in the field of investing and selling gold , here you can catch up and get tips in investment and forecasts estimates in gold prices , our professionals are in the field a couple of decades , we buy gold from whoever wants to exchange gold for cash.
Gold For Cash
We buy gold at the highest prices in the market so if you wish to exchange gold for cash Diamond Center is the best place to do so ,we provide free assessments and consultation,if you wish to sell gold for cash contact us and exchange gold for cash by the highest rates by the gold price,we also sell gold and diamond jewelry.
Selling Diamonds
If you wish to sell diamonds for cash we buy at the highest prices and pay cash and on the spot so if you have diamonds for sell in any size or quantity we buy,we provide free assessment and consultation to who ever wishes to sell diamonds or buy loose diamonds at list prices,we sell diamonds at unbeatable prices.
Selling Silverware
In addition to buying and selling Old Gold Diamond Center buys silver to who ever wants to sell silver and get cash money for it,we pay the highest prices for selling silver in any shape and condition,we buy silver and give cash money on the spot or store credit,diamond center also buys antiques silver and art and pay cash money.
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